The Art Provenance Report follows the inaugural Art Provenance Symposium that took place in 2023 at which over 20 delegates offered their expert opinions on issues ranging from repatriation and restitution, new databases and research tools, case studies on a wide range of possible red flags and different approaches to provenance research, the cultural heritage crisis in Ukraine, and the change in public perception throughout the decades. 

The Report contextualizes the main themes, emphasizing the key issues faced by art market professionals, independent researchers and curators. A stepping stone in the solidification of the relationship between the private and institutional culture sector, the report's aim is to broaden the conversation on ‘How much due diligence qualifies as duly diligent’ and ideally agree on a universal provenance standard, but most importantly lay the groundwork for future reports to collect, analyse, and interpret previously unknown data in insightful and useful ways.

The contents are: 

1. Introduction: How much due diligence qualifies as 'duly diligent'?
2. Provenance Research: The Silent Market disruptor of the 21st Century
3. No fear of the law: Fair, just and... optional?
4. Institutional concerns - The skeletons in the Museum's 'closet'
5. Red Flags & other colourful interpretations of risk
6. Cultural Heritage at Risk: We have not learnt from the past
7. The Future: Old Problems - New Needs - Tech Answers
8. Author and Editor biographies

The Art Provenance Report

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