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Melissa Metzgar

Research Assistant at Alliance for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage (ARCH International)

"Last week I completed the course Introduction to Provenance Research, created by Angelina Giovani and her team at The Art Market Academy. Held online, they presented a great overview of the history, methods and tricks for working in the field. I'm excited to take more training courses with them in the future and expand my experience with provenance research outside the classroom!"

Paul Stratton

Fraud Specialist and a former Police Detective

"The Art Market Academy's Introduction to Provenance Research course is superb, and I was delighted with the content. Angelina guides you effortlessly through the fascinating world of provenance research, using her exceptional knowledge and contagious enthusiasm to make all topics easy to follow. Supported by exciting case studies and her expert opinion, this course is ideal for any newcomer to the provenance world or someone looking to refresh their knowledge. This learning is a "must-have" any budding Art Detective. I cannot recommend it enough!"

Clara Zampedri

Arts Management Graduate

"Introduction to Provenance Research is an informative and valuable experience. Before taking the course, I had a basic understanding of Provenance Research, but the course made me explore its language and practices. I particularly liked the combination of theory and case studies, and I appreciated that the instructor shares her personal experiences. Angelina, the instructor, is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the topic, and she is able to engage the viewer. In addition, she is always available to answer questions and discuss further. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about art provenance research. Soon, I will be starting the second course Provenance Research: The Practical How-To Guide, which I am very curious to explore".

Jolanda van Nijen

Collection's Manager at Private Collection of Fine Art, Antiquities and Wine

The two courses on Provenance Research offered on this website are based on the Instructor Angelina Giovani’s own work experience in this field and are exemplary of how to conduct due diligence “with a golden standard”. 

This starts with in-depth desktop research which leads to on-site archival research, depending on the findings and the aim of the research. 

Angelina shares links of the numerous online databases and resources and highly encourages the participants to create a personal research outline as well as an extensive, continuously updated, personal database. For this, Angelina presents clear mind maps, comments various case studies, and stresses the importance of building up a network in the field. 

It is undeniable that thorough due diligence can only be conducted when starting from scratch, starting by examining (ideally physically) the work recto-verso; assiduously annotating all markings and measures; spotting gaps and red flags in the factsheet; consult databases and catalogues raisonné to verify provenance, bibliography exhibition but also market history; timestamp all performed research; building case scenarios, follow all tracks and reach out to all possible relations found and finally update the fact sheet accordingly.

For authentication of a work, Angelina reminds us that provenance research needs to be complemented by connoisseurship and scientific analysis.

Thank you, Angelina, for sharing your expertise and bringing your personal touch to this demanding exercise. You offer an exhaustive overview of a highly complicated and time-consuming discipline”.

Anna M Ruszel

AML Risk Manager

I really loved the provenance course and found it comprehensive, useful and practical. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world.

Anne Hollmuller

Doctoral Candidate, New York University

Having recently completed Introduction to Provenance Research and Provenance Research: The Practical How-To Guide, I was very much impressed by these thorough, interesting and thought-provoking courses. The instructor, Angelina, is a clear communicator with years of experience in the field, able to utilize examples from her own work and to give helpful advice and resources, and her recounting of the history and methodology of the field is useful and entertaining. These courses helped to expand my knowledge of the field of provenance research, and I shall no doubt return to them throughout my career.

Valeria Valluci

Art Researcher

One part of my job is to produce watertight provenance histories for British Old Masters. I often hit a dead end and it’s in those moments I wish for some reliable, honest advice and a practical guide. There is generally a very limited offer of provenance courses, but The Art Market Academy has created an insightful programme, with great visual content, easy to access online. Nazi-looted art provenance is at the core of this course, stemming from Angelina Giovani’s wealth of experience in the field. I found the methodology advanced in How to build the Network to reach out to? and the provenance checklist illustrated in Online Databases and Resources incredibly useful. I would definitely recommend Provenance Research: The Practical How-To Guide to any professional art researcher and also to any  gallery staff who wish to have a better understanding of due diligence.

Aisling Twomey

Writer and Researcher

I have completed both the Introduction to Provenance Research and the Practical How-To Guide in the past few weeks. The introductory course taught me a lot about the high level concepts of provenance and the historical and social context behind its importance so I felt I had a broad perspective. The How-To Guide then gave me the deep dive, showing me sources and approaches which have definitely given me a great kick start to conduction provenance. I completed the course alongside my PhD studies and both have added considerably to my research topic. Presentations are clear and well designed and it's quite clear that Angelina is very dedicated to her chosen topic. Thank you Angelina, can't wait for the next courses to come online.

Mariane Zingraff

Professeur d'histoire de l'art

"J'ai suivi avec grand intérêt les deux cours animés par Angelina Giovani. Elle partage avec passion ses connaissances et sa grande expérience, et n'hésite pas à donner les nombreux trucs et liens qu'elle a collectés au cours des années et de ses recherches. Les cours étaient extrêmement clairs et bien organisés, et avec un haut niveau d'exigence académique. Un grand merci."